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The most crucial point of a leadership transition is the months surrounding the hand-off. Our leadership development programming will help you confidently navigate the most critical months of your transition, avoid added stress, and unify your community for growth.

Let us help you find your stride in this new leg of your journey.

  •  On-Demand content that works with your schedule. There are six modules, each with 2-3 short content videos with accompanying PDF guides. Once you set up your account in the Elevare Client Portal, you may view the videos, download the guides, and work through the reflection worksheets at any time. (Access to the portal and all content will be yours to keep for a lifetime. Course expires after 12 months.)
  •  Individualized coaching sessions. You will receive 6 personal coaching sessions to be scheduled at a frequency of your choosing. (Recommended once per month or more frequently.) The coaching sessions lead you through a process of self-discovery and understanding your unique situation more fully. We may focus on topics from the content videos -or- something you may be needing in the moment for that right-on-time learning and development. Coaching is an outside perspective to help you identify blind spots, discover a more empowering way, and be a source of support and encouragement through it all.

Together, we will create strategic steps that will bring clarity, form impactful commitments, and provide accountability to keep you progressing forward.

Click the button to begin the simple set-up process. ($2120 will be billed after the portal is accessed.)