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Engaging in leadership development and support over the course of several months rather than only a few hours, will leave you better equipped to lead your parish and teams with clarity and confidence.

  • Engaged and guided growth for 6 months. Based on Kurt Lewin’s research findings of “The Learning Pyramid” and Herman Ebbinghaus’ “The Forgetting Curve”; we’ve developed programming where knowledge retention increases exponentially and sustainable skills are development. We apply content to your real-time scenarios as you gain applicable skills and wisdom during a 6-month life-cycle in your role.
  • Peer-to-peer roundtable model. This protocol ensures a balanced discussion that is not dominated by any one topic or individual. Perhaps even more important, the peer-to-peer system emphasizes the sharing of lived experiences to capture the collective wisdom from group learning.
  • Individualized coaching sessions. The coaching sessions lead the participant through a process of self-discovery and understanding their unique situation more fully. Coaching sessions will not only identify blind spots, they will also stretch the leader to see a more empowering way.
Together, we will create a strategic plan that will bring clarity, form impactful commitments, and provide accountability to keep you progressing forward.