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Greetings from your host

Monica Rougeau CEO, Elevare Intl.

Many leaders can’t understand why they’re struggling to make progress and lead their team successfully, despite all of their hard work and effort.

One reason for this strain in Church parish administration is that most priests feel as though they “should” come out of seminary formation ready to step into a leadership position. The truth is that managing and leading others has less to do with what we learn in books, and more to do with the influence we gain by leading ourselves well.

The Servant’s Table is a space created to evaluate, nurture, and gain self awareness in order to effectively shepherd your community. We strive to develop confident, effective leaders who are ready for the ever-growing challenges facing our Church.

Because extra time and energy can feel like a rare luxury in the life of a priest, Elevare uses a proven leadership development method that boosts knowledge retention and provides sustainable growth that will yield a larger return on investment.

The Servant’s Table is an invitation for you to step out of the chaos and immerse yourself in an environment with real-time learning. Are you ready to experience long-term results and an ability to be fully present to your flock? Please consider applying for our next cohorts.


Copy of Priests 2021 TST BROUCHURE (5)

Two cohorts available beginning FEBRUARY 2023

Only 12 spots per cohort! 

Deadline to apply – DECEMBER 31, 2022 11:59PM


Servant’s Table


DEADLINE to apply – DECEMBER 31, 2022 – 11:59PM

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