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About Me

I am Monica.

My vision is to unify cultures and create healthy atmospheres where leaders live fully into their essence. I help individuals discover their unique abilities and define the value they bring to the workplace. Through the alignment of individuality and collective wisdom, I form servant leaders and help them to create ripples of positive influence to their teams and cultures.

I am the author of the book, Behind The Curtain: Discovering the Servant Leader Within, where I share insights to the realities of toxic cultures and how to lead away from that to something healthier and more sustainable.

Let’s set the stage for your life’s greatest work. Are you ready?



In 2014, I transitioned out of a 28+ year career in healthcare to pursue my passion for forming servant leaders and building dream teams. My corporate career was a catalyst to founding Elevare in 2016 with a vision of a new kind of leadership… one where the empowerment of unique abilities, inspiring influence, and authenticity all align.

Through divine intervention, our first major contract came through via an Instagram post from a client in Rome, Italy. It was this connection that led to Elevare facilitating leadership workshops in Rome for Catholic leaders from twenty-three countries.

The funnel of my big dream began to narrow at this point… I decided that my niche is to work with those who desire to truly be servant leaders, not just in word but in deed.

Believing that true transformation is a lifelong journey, Elevare helps you evolve from a place of overwhelm and isolation to a place of courageous clarity. We start by uncovering your unique essence and desires for growth.

Leadership is so much more than being a boss, it’s about influence. Let us be a companion on your transformation journey.

Get your book today! In her book Behind The Curtain: Discovering the Servant Leader Within, Monica shares the impact of toxic cultures and gives insight into establishing healthier and more sustainable work environments.